What is “Birthday Celebration with XOX”?

Birthday Celebration with XOX give you extra 50% credit as rewards when you successfully top up three (3) days before, on or three (3) days after your registered birthday.


What do I enjoy from this celebration?

You will enjoy additional 50% from every of your successful top up, for example if you perform a top up of RM50 during the promotional period, you will get additional RM25, meaning with RM50 top up you get RM75 worth of credit. Top up more and you will get more.


Do I need to register for the Birthday Celebration with XOX?

You must register your personal details when you purchase a SIM pack to be eligible for Birthday Celebration with XOX.

Only subscribers who have been active for more than 6 months will be entitled for Birthday Celebration with XOX.


How will this Birthday Celebration with XOX be calculated?

It’s calculated according to the amount of your successful top up within the period.


How many reloads can I make within the Birthday Celebration with XOX period?

You can make as many top up as you want during the promotional period up to a cap of RM200, you will get maximum of RM100 even though you top up more than RM200 during the period.


When will I receive the rewards?

XOX will send out the rewards every 2nd and 4th week of the month, for example if you birthday is fall on 1st week of the month, therefore you will most likely get the rewards on the 2nd week of the month.


What happen if my birthday falls on 29th of February, will I still eligible on non-leap year?

Yes, you will still eligible for Birthday Celebration with XOX on non-leap year, however you birthday will be treated as if it falls on 1st of March. Therefore you can top up 3 days before, on or 3 days after according to this date.